Monday, 18 February 2013

Are You A Kandee Girl?


My name is Jemma and it is not news to many that I am a shoe addict (whispers of support and applause please :D ) I feel no shame, quite the opposite in fact. I’m incredibly proud of my shoe collection, neatly organized and lined up on my shelves for me to stare at throughout the day. Like many I’ve overindulged around the holidays or partaken in some emotional shoe indulgence!


Like any girl I searched high and low to find the perfect shoe, a shoe combining all of the things that could satisfy my shoe cravings!
Studs, crystals, 7 inch heels, beautiful shape, bright colours, pastel colours, animal prints. Could I ever find a collection that provided everything I wanted in a pair of shoes? A shoe that could make you drool simply by looking at it. Then one day in a frenzy to satisfy my needs, I finally found exactly what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth...Kandee!



The first time I set eyes on a pair of Kandee Shoes I fell in love, heels sweeter than candy. A pair of Peanut Butter Cruncy Booties (RRP £230.00) stood out on my laptop screen… the definition of eye-candy!

Leopard print 
Large heel 
Beautiful shape 

They checked not one but many of my “perfect shoe” boxes…I knew I had to have them!

I realized there and then that I had just found an amazing designer in Josh Wayman aka Mr Kandee.
Some of my personal favourites from the Spring/Summer 2012 "Loud" Collection
From Left To Right "Loud" RRP £180, "Pinki" RRP £170, "Mash'A'Mallow" RRP £180


This was the beginning of an obsession, an addiction to Kandee shoes, forever needing to satisfy my sweet tooth! I had finally found a designer whom I would anticipate the launch of each collection and not want just one pair from a collection, but each and every single pair! My collection growing rapidly, indulging myself in pure Kandee heaven.

(My Pinki Kandee Shoes)


Religiously following the Kandee website for any updates! Desperately craving sneak peaks from the latest, upcoming collection.


Have no fear girls, if you aren't a fan of walking in high shoes or simply want to own some amazing flats, Kandee even has a range of beautiful pumps just for you!

From Left to Right (Spring/Summer 2012 collection) "Peanut Butter Crunchy Pumps" RRP£120, "Blue Raspberry Dragee Pumps" RRP£120, "Lemonade Pumps" RRP £110


Mr Kandee has thought of everything, he has even designed a range of Sneakers worn by the likes of Jessie J!

From Left to Right (Spring/Summer 2012 collection) "Peanut Butter Smooth Sneaker" RRP£140, "Tang Pop Sneaker" RRP£140, "Dirty Lemonade Sneaker" RRP£180

I simply adore Kandee shoes and Mr Kandee for designing such beautiful, fearless, sexy, shoes. Whatever your desired taste Kandee can satisfy. From sexy high shoes to beautiful pumps and sneakers. From Lemonade to Pink Lemonade, Mash’a’mallow to Peanut Butter, Parma Fizz to Tang Pop, Sherbert to Raspberry Slushy, Liquorice to Lime Sours. Or if you are like me, you like nothing more than a large Pick 'nMix… go on treat yourself to many!

Some of my Kandee Shoes


(These are some of my Kandee Shoes from my collection!)


The shoes come in beautiful boxes, which change every season for each new collecion. Here is a box from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection :)

When you’re rockin Kandee you’ll be the sweetest looking thing on show! I really can't live without my Kandee shoes. When I'm wearing a pair I feel like I could conquer the world.

My name is Jemma and I am addicted to Kandee shoes!

(All images were either taken by myself or put together by myself on photoshop)
I am not affiliated with Kandee Shoes... unfortunately :'(

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  1. Oh, you're so right, they would look perfect on you!!! I think, you just were made, to wear those shoes! And a shoe addiction? Well, as long as its making you happy and fill a void, i don't see the harm in that ;-) You know, Paris Hilton has a shoe closet that's about 20 times if not more the size of the room i'm living in now. (I moved back in with my mom because me and my brothers are renovating this house, and my mom now (temporarily) lives at the appartment of my brother which is half a mile away.)
    How big is your shoe closet, or are you still having a couple of racks but just not many enough to fill an entire room with them :-) ?

    Do you have Louboutins or how do you spell it, and Jimmy Choo's too ?? Never seen one, and i'm too lazy to look it up myself, i don't wear womens shoes, hahahaha :d

    You're funny when you write and really excited about writing about it, means quite a lot to you, doesn't it :-)?

    You're alright lovely, too bad you're still not able to take the step over the threshold, you could take those shuppies for a long walk in the park :-) Then your boyfriend can walk very proud next to a gorgeous young woman, i know i would :D

    Take care, try some belgian chocolats, I can send some you know, just name which you want to try, and i'll send them to you, you can send me a singed beautiful poster of yourself, hahahaha
    deal? You know, i don't know if you're a beer girl, but we have over 700 kinds of them, an American tasted them all! Took him 2 or 3 years to do so if i remember correctly. Maybe for your boyfriend, i don't know, i don't think he'd mind, do you? :D

    Big huggies from Belgium, Antwerp,

    xxoo Flor Hoorebeke !